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See Windows Authentication. I will suggest you to use latest version of Jmeter i. 0 in which concept of workbench is eliminated and everything is under Test plan now. Solution of above mentioned problem is to add HTTP Cookie Manager with e Windows Authentication with Apache JMeter guide to learn more on handling different authentication. Please add Cookie Manager and compare your JMeter requests with the actual requests being sent from browser. I cannot reproduce your problem using JMeter 3. 0 and only having HTTP Authorization Manager added apart. 0 r1743807" > < hashTree> < TestPlan guiclass= " TestPlanGui" testclass= " TestPlan". The problem I was having is authenticating against a Rails web app that had a hidden authenticity_ token element. A regular expression is needed to extract the dynamic value and then include it in the form post in JMeter. If you are testing from behind a firewall/ proxy server, you may need to provide JMeter with the firewall/ proxy server hostname and port number. To do so, run the jmeter[.

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    bat] file from a command line with the following. You most probably forgot to add either a Session cookie or a Token in headers or in parameter. I' d suggest trying to record the call with Http Test script recorder element ( just use the Templates menu and select recording, then. I need to do performance testing of search in jMeter but I get 401 Unauthorized error. doesn' t tell the full story as in case of HTTP Protocol JMeter automatically considers response status codes below 400 as successful. tomcatの管理画面( / manager/ html) へのリクエストを行うため、 / managerを基底URL としてユーザIDとパス ワードを指定。 実行結果. Authorizationヘッダーが追加され、 ベーシック認証が行われている。 ID間違い、 パスワード違いの場合は401レスポンスと なる。. But when i try to run the recorded scripts through jmeter, i get 401 Unauthorized error only on few particular pages. 1 Error Count: 1 Response code: 401 Response message: Unauthorized Response headers: HTTP/ 1.