Error 20 1 pls 00103 encountered the symbol create

There is a good answer on the differences between ; and / here. Basically, when running a CREATE block via script, you need to use / to let SQLPlus know when the block ends, since a PL/ SQL. create or replace procedure mark_ order_ complete ( completed_ order_ id in number) is begin update orders set. I had this problem ( Error( 6, 1) : PLS- 00103: Encountered the symbol " / " ) when I coppied all the db package. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION employer_ details_ func RETURN VARCHAR2 IS emp_ name VARCHAR2 ( 20) ; BEGIN SELECT first_ name INTO emp_ name FROM emp_ tbl WHERE empID = ' 100' ; RETURN emp_ name;. create or replace PACKAGE EMP_ PACKAGE AS TYPE EMP_ TYPE IS RECORD ( / * Employee Type * / employee_ id NUMBER( 6, 0), first_ name VARCHAR2( 20), last_ name VARCHAR2( 25), email VARCHAR2( 25),. drop table address; create table address( zipcode NUMBER, city varchar2( 30), state varchar; declare zzip number; ccity varchar2( 30) ; sstate varchar2( 30) ; procedure error is begin dbms_ output. put_ line( ' Error Zip Code. 6/ 1 PLS- 00103: Encountered the symbol " CREATE". The package is very simple and I am not able to compile it. I searched earlier answers on this error message and none of them did solve my problem. I am consistently getting this error for.

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    Symbol error create

    エラーメッセージ. PLS- 00103: 記号" " が見つかりました。 次のうちの1つが入るとき: PLS- 00103: Encountered the symbol " " when expecting one of the following: 基本 的なエラーの内容. ・ PL/ SQL、 PL/ SQLブロックでの構文解析エラー基本的には「 記号" " が. A package is composed of a package specification and a package body. You declare the procedure in the specification ( assuming you want the procedure to be public) and you implement it in the body. So, for example, you would create the. I get the following error: 58/ 6 PLS- 00103: Encountered the symbol " END" when expecting one of the following: begin function pragma. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE VALIDATE_ BI_ JOB_ COMPLETE_ PROC AS msg SYS. Thanks Tom, but where do I add this code, between the END and END LOOP? – user3065825 Dec 4 ' 13 at 19: 09. please check the. ORA- 06550: 行4、 列6: PLS- 00103: 記号" ; " が見つかりました。 次のうちの1つが入る とき: if 記号" if" は続行のために" ; " に代わりました。 06550. " line % s, column % s: \ n% s" * Cause: Usually a PL/ SQL compilation error.